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The funds described in the following pages are designed specifically for overseas investors. Products discussed on this website are not offered outside their intended countries and transactions will only be accepted from qualified investors. This information is intended to supplement information contained in the fund prospectuses and must be read in conjunction therewith. No information on this website constitutes an offer of fund shares or of any securities mentioned. Please read the prospectus carefully.

The website contains information covering different investment funds, registered in different locations around the world. As such, access to the information contained herein may be restricted by laws and regulations applicable to the user. This information is not intended to be published or made available to any person in any jurisdiction where doing so would result in contravention of any applicable laws or regulations. In particular, certain funds can be marketed in certain jurisdictions only. The user should ensure that the use of this information and the making of any investment as a result does not contravene any such restrictions. It is the user's responsibility to be informed and to observe, all applicable laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdiction.

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Risk Statement: You should be aware of the risks associated with equity investment. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Returns will fluctuate with changing market conditions, taxes, exchange rates and sales charges. Performance claims on this website are represented as changes in net asset value in U.S. dollars and do not take into consideration taxes, sales or redemption fees. The yields vary according to the share class in which the investor invests. Due to the increasing rate of changes in tax regulations and the unpredictability in how tax authorities divergently interpret existing laws, these companies cannot assume any liability for the effects of any particular tax issues. Independent financial advice should be taken before entering into any financial transaction.

Jurisdictions where the Funds are authorized and available: The sub-funds of Davis Funds SICAV are authorized and available in the following jurisdictions: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain and Switzerland.

Davis Funds SICAV is registered in Spain with the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores's (CNMV). CNMV registration number 231.

Important Information for UK investors: The Fund does not have a place of business in the United Kingdom and is not authorized under the Financial Services Act 1986 (the "Act"). As a consequence, the regulatory regime governing an investor's rights with respect to the Fund (and its similarly unauthorized overseas agents) will be different than that of the United Kingdom. Investors will not, for example, be entitled to compensation under the United Kingdom's Investors Compensation Scheme. The Fund is an unregulated collective investment scheme under the laws of the United Kingdom and, therefore, can be promoted in the United Kingdom only to persons in accordance with the Act and the Financial Services (promotion of Unregulated Schemes) Regulations 1991 (the "Regulations"). Accordingly, this information may not be distributed in the United Kingdom other than to persons authorized to carry on investment business under the Act, persons whose ordinary business involves the acquisition and disposal of property of the same kind as the property or a substantial part of the property in which the Fund invests and persons permitted to receive this information under the Regulations. In addition, this information may not be issued or passed on in the United Kingdom to any person, other than to persons to whom the information may otherwise lawfully be issued, unless that person is of a kind described in Article 11(3) of the Financial Services Act of 1986 (Investment Advertisements) (Exemptions) Order 1996 (as amended).

Important Information for Swiss Investors: Under Swiss supervisory law, persons or companies who market fund shares commercially in or from Swiss territory must be authorized to function as a distributor. BNP Paribas Securities Services, Paris, succursale de Zurich, Selnaustrasse 16, P.O. Box, CH-8002 Zurich, was appointed as Representative and Paying Agent of the Fund. Prospectuses, simplified prospectuses, reports, and articles of incorporation are available free of charge from the representative.

Important Information for Singapore Investors: The offer of the shares of the Funds (the "Shares") which is the subject of this Prospectus is not allowed to be made to the retail public in Singapore. Moreover, this Prospectus is not a prospectus as defined in the Securities and Futures Act, Chapter 289 of Singapore (the "SFA"). Accordingly, statutory liability under the SFA in relation to the content of prospectuses would not apply. You should consider carefully whether the investment is suitable for you.

This Prospectus has not been registered as a prospectus with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and the offer of the Shares is made pursuant to the exemptions under Sections 304 and 305 of the SFA. Accordingly, this Prospectus and any other document or material in connection with the offer or sale of the Shares may not be circulated or distributed, nor may the Shares be offered or sold, whether directly or indirectly, to any person in Singapore other than (i) to an institutional investor pursuant to Section 304 of the SFA, (ii) to a relevant person as defined in Section 305(5) of the SFA, or any person pursuant to Section 305(2) of the SFA, and in accordance with the conditions specified in Section 305 of the SFA, or (iii) otherwise pursuant to, and in accordance with the conditions of, any other applicable provision of the SFA. First sales and transfers of Shares acquired pursuant to Sections 304 and 305 of the SFA are subject to the requirements in Sections 304A and 305A of the SFA respectively.

The contact details of the CSSF are as follows: Address: Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, 110, route d’Arlon, L-2991, Luxembourg; Telephone No.: (352) 26 25 1–1; Facsimile No.: (352) 26 25 1–601; Website:

The manager of the Fund, Davis Selected Advisers, L.P. is registered in Colorado, U.S.A. and is regulated by the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (the "SEC"). The contact details of the SEC are as follows: Address: SEC Headquarters, 100 F Street, NE, Washington, DC 20549; Telephone No.: 202.551.6551; Facsimile No.: 202.772.9295; Website: